Asian Champs in Pattaya

December 16 to 22, ARF organized 3 events in Pattaya, Thailand: Asian Rowing Junior Championship, Asian Rowing Cup and Asian Rowing Masters Regatta. We did not succeed to register any junior nor to have a sufficient crew number to dare dream at the cup but we gladly participated with 3 of us in the masters.

This was a fantastic event in the newly built rowing and canoe venue, state of the art installations there. Massive participation in Junior and Cup from Asian countries made a brilliant atmosphere, revealing the beauty and diversity of Asia. And with 60 rowers engaged overall in Masters we enjoyed great competition, with 4 nice success for SRC, representing China.

SRC Gala 2019

This year again the gala was a great party, we celebrated a full year of success, we raced on ergs, we had good food and good friends around, yearly update, Boat of the Year, all the ingredients to keep us going on all night.

The cake (From I Sweet cakes) was a success, with random edible messages hidden in the globes. We also said good bye to Bruno, who spent a bit of time with us in 2019 and will return to Switzerland… that’s how international we are, 16 different nationalities this year.


We have a coach

Shanghai is full of surprise, and we got Christmas early this year. Ioan Danga, former  national coach of Germany, visited his daughter and family and heard about us. He paid us a visit and Felix was thrilled to give him a tour in the launch.

For Javier’s last session we enjoyed useful coaching tips and great insights. Thank you Ioan and Thank you Alex for the opportunity.

Farewell parties

I guess from the very beginning of SRC, back in 1863, farewell parties have always been part of the club life. In November, we said goodbye to Philip, who goes back to Germany to graduate, and will for sure be back in Asia someday. Philip was lucky enough to contact us few month ago hoping to keep rowing in Shanghai and here he was rowing the WRCC in HongKong.


In December, we celebrated Javier, who after almost 5 years decided to go back to Spain. So many stories, from our first bbq, traveling mainland for regattas and of course our first Toda participation in 2016, where Javier accepted to join last minute to support the crew as a cox and maybe row the M1xF. Finally, Javier never coxed in Toda but rowed that year 3 events M2xB, M4+C and M1xF, winning the late two races.

Bye Bye Montse, Bye Bye Javier, The legend, we will see us again for sure, don’t go home…

November on a dream Island…

Right after the WRCC in HongKong, few SRC members decided they didn’t have enough of coastal rowing, so they simply registered for ATIR, Around The Island Race (search for ATIR HK,, for 45 km around HongKong island. Either in relay or full distance, the race is an endurance test, pushing you to the limit in waves up to 2 m high.

SRC members were engaged in 3 boats: CMix2x full race (Jo with Anibal from ERC), CM4x+ relay race (Michael and Nayou with 中筑天佑)and CM2x full race (Alex and William).

All the boats with SRC members finished at the 3rd place from their respective category, fighting for second place until last km for some. A real human adventure and nice stories to be told for many years. The event gains more and more popularity, attracting people from around the world. Congrats to all finishers and see you next year.

Petit Club deviendra Grand

What could be the best consecration for an amateur rowing club? Well I guess there are many valid responses to this question, one of them could be participate to a world rowing championship… So when we heard that the World Rowing Coastal Championships were coming to Asia, Hong Kong China to be accurate, we couldn’t miss the opportunity.

And we made it happen, thanks to China Rowing Association, we got registered with 13 people, 9 boats, in almost all events: W and M C4x+, W and M C2x, CM1x and Cmix2x.

For fine rowers like us, amateur, being there was already a victory, but we didn’t want just to make an appearance, we wanted to represent, and we had to fight hard to ensure all our boats, qualified for B finales, and get a second chance to perform on the 4 km race. Yes, we were hoping secretly to have one boat qualifying for A finale, it didn’t happen but we were not so far and everyone can be happy about their performances.

CW4x+: Jo, Annie, Grace, Lindsay, Pascal (Cox) – FB: 5th

CM2x: Alex, William – FB: 12th / Simon, XiaoMing – FB: 15th

CW2x: Jo, Grace – FB: 13th

CM1x: Philip – FB: 10th

CM4x+: Alex, Philip, Mountain, William, Annie (Cox) – FB: 3rd / Simon, Liang, Xiaoming, Pascal, Jo (Cox) – FB: 9th

CMix2x: Pascal, Bei – FB: 7th

Congratulations to all the teams, we made it together.

1,2,3 Yuanjiang

The 3rd edition of Yuanjiang challenge took place on October 26 this year, probably on the only cold day of October, nevertheless, that didn’t stop the enthusiasm and all rowers gave their best in 4x or 8+ to shine.

Rowing is not always easy but Yuanjiang is always smiling, will be back.

New Rowing makes the show…

New Rowing is our new venue, located around Disneyland in Pudong, it is easily accessible by car or public transport. Felix and his team are running a state of the art  club and boat house, helping to spread rowing virtues to more people.

In October, they organized the second Chinese and Foreign enterprises Rowing Regatta, including this year 500 m and 1000 m line races as well as the now famous 10 km around Disneyland.

3 different categories : Juniors (500 m), Corporation (500 m – 8+) and Open (1000 m and 10 km), and more than 200 rowers made from the event a big success.

SRC won the W8+ and M8+ 1000 m, but in the 10 km event we finished second in W8+ event and, this year again, third in the M8+ event. We definitely need to train to grab the gold next year, it cannot be to lose at home. In the M4x we finished second behind impressive Team from Japan Toyota 1999 club.

Of course, we won the party that night, as we also celebrate one year of happy rowing at New Rowing venue. Thanks New Rowing for making us hit the water every weekend.


September Kick

September saw a triumphant return to competition for our mighty Captain Alex. In Shenyang for the second edition, SRC won the M2x, the M4x on 1000 m distance and the M4x on 6.8 km.


In September, we also had the HongKong champs, a traditional October event, but this year advanced by one month. For SRC it’s the opportunity to compete with strong teams from RHKYC, ERC and mainland clubs.

Even with a choppy water due to nearby typhoon, a reduced SRC crew did well, winning the M8+A associated with ERC and the M2xA and M2xC. First time this year we had to let go the M4xA title against very good HK team.

Can we rest in August?

August was a quiet month, no regatta for us. Just SRC everywhere as Yan and 小明 enjoyed rowing in Singapore with Easter Rowing Club.


We also got inspired by Inner Mongolia and to celebrate Marc’s farewell party we had a fun archery party, and we almost succeeded to have no casualty.

Marc, finally will come back to Asia and land in Singapore, we already negotiated with ERC a 50% share on important regattas.

Finally, in August, always more people completed our beginner program, to ensure safe and fun row. Here Sandy and Ken, happily certified SRC rowers